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How prepared are you for the coming Winter? “But Fall just barely arrived!” This is actually the perfect time to start preparing for cold weather. Get ahead of the game by starting now. Especially if you will want to schedule an appointment with a qualified HVAC technician to test your system to make sure it […]

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A big shout out to all the shooting enthusiasts that participated in an afternoon clay shoot followed by cocktails and awards sponsored by Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. (CAPS).   RESOURCES What is HVAC? Sustainability & well-being via ASHRAE Understanding HVAC Women in HVAC Commercial and Industrial HVAC   #flooding #florence #poweroutages #ventilation #florenceupdate […]

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Overflowing rivers threaten to swamp communities near the South Carolina coast, leaving thousands needing to evacuate. More than a week after Florence crashed into the Carolinas, dumping heavy rains, that water is nearing the coast. Authorities in Georgetown County, South Carolina, said they have put as many as 8,000 people on alert for possible evacuations […]

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As flooding from Florence continues, a new threat arises in the Atlantic. In a Sunday morning update, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said Tropical Storm Kirk was 465 miles south-southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands, moving west at 18 mph with maximum sustained winds of 40 mph. There are no coastal watches or warnings in […]

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After a week of flash floods, rising rivers, power outages, and now over 44 deaths, North and South Carolina face high chances of more flooding over the weekend. While the rain subsided, some rivers are still rising. Officials warn the danger is far from over. • The Cape Fear River and Lumber River will both […]

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North Carolina’s electric cooperatives are continuing to make electricity outage restoration progress in the wake of Hurricane Florence. Outages statewide have now dropped to about 23,000, down from a high of 326,000 on Saturday. Outages & restoration Remaining outages are concentrated in the hardest-hit areas of coastal and southeastern North Carolina. Cooperative crews from less-impacted […]

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Water has receded in some areas of the Carolinas, but more flooding from Florence could arrive through the next few days. More than twelve rivers in North and South Carolina have overflowed their banks and the water – particularly the Waccamaw River, which spans both states – is expected to overflow, putting additional residents in […]

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North Carolina’s governor is pleading with thousands of Hurricane Florence evacuees to be patient and not return home just yet. Wilmington is still mostly an island surrounded by floodwaters, and people are waiting for hours for handouts of necessities like food. Gov. Roy Cooper told a news conference Tuesday is was hard for residents to […]

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• At least 32 people have died in storm-related incidents — 25 in North Carolina, 6 in South Carolina, and 1 in Virginia. • About 500,000 homes and businesses are still without power, mostly in North Carolina and some in South Carolina. • As of 5 a.m. Tuesday, Florence was a post-tropical cyclone. It was […]

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Florence continues to wreak destruction long after the worst of the storm has dissipated, with major flooding continuing to blast many areas of North and South Carolina. Several large rivers and creeks have broken their banks, threatening homes with further damage after the tropical depression Florence, once a major hurricane, made landfall in North Carolina […]

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• At least 17 people have died, including a man and a woman in Horry County, S.C. who died from carbon monoxide poisoning. • Approximately 523,000 homes and businesses are still without power in North and South Carolina as of 5 a.m. Monday. • As of 5 a.m. Monday, Florence was a tropical depression, NOAA’s […]

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Flash flood warnings are currently in effect across a large portion of southeastern North Carolina and portions of far northeastern South Carolina. Flash flood watches are in effect across much of North Carolina, northern South Carolina, and portions of Southwest Virginia. DISCUSSION AND OUTLOOK At 1100 AM EDT (1500 UTC), the center of Tropical Depression […]

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Rescue and response operations are underway Saturday September 15 in the Carolinas after Hurricane Florence battered homes in multiple States up and down the coast, killing more than seven people and leaving millions of others without power. Residents were warned that while the buffeting winds have calmed some, the torrential downpour will most likely continue […]

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Hurricane Florence has made landfall in North Carolina, but its crawling pace and overwhelming storm surges are setting up hours and hours of destruction and human suffering — with dozens desperately awaiting rescue in one flooded city alone. The hurricane, with wind of more than 90 mph and 3 inches of rain an hour, made […]

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Deadly storm surges in store for larger area As Hurricane Florence closes in on the Southeast, the area covered by hurricane-force winds has doubled — meaning far more people will be assaulted with winds 74 mph or greater. By late Thursday afternoon, the Carolina coasts can expect winds topping 80 mph. And that’s just the […]