2018 Industrial Trade Show

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Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. is exhibiting at the 2018 Industrial Trade Show

Texas City – La Marque
April 24, 2018
11am – 6pm
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2018 Trade Show

2018 ISA Analysis Division (AD) Symposium

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Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. is a solution provider at the 2018 ISA Analysis Division (AD) Symposium.

Innovative Analytical Techniques, Developments, Applications and Solutions by the Sea!
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2018 ISA Symposium

2018 Interlink Conference

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2018 Interlink Conference

CAPS is proud to be a Diamond level sponsor at the 2018 Annual Interlink Conference.
2018 Interlink Sponsors
2018 Interlink Sponsors

CAPS Inside Sales Service

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The purpose of inside sales within our service division is to provide quick turnaround for quotes, allowing customers to have all the information needed to make an important decision quickly.
Should a service customer need assistance right away, they can call Raymond Joslin, who is always available to help.
Raymond Joslin - Inside Sales Service Divison
“Raymond Joslin goes over and beyond to be a solution to our customers,” ~ Mark Brown, CAPS Industrial Sales Associate

Importance of EC Technology in CAPS Equipment

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“EC Fan Technology is a fairly new technology that has hit the HVAC market full force! These fans replace the common bulky Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) with an integrated controller on the motor.” ~ Brennan Landry, Design Engineer, Custom Air Products & Services, Inc.
The “electronically commutated” fan or EC Fan has a brushless direct current motor with permanent magnets feed off of alternating current then rectifies the current to direct current.

These motors have a high efficiency rating and works great in applications where a VFD would have been used.

Other popular features of the EC fans are the use of Modbus and BACnet controls, ease of plug and play installation and the low noise levels makes this fan/motor selection a wise choice.

Installing EC Fans into our equipment allows us to reach a higher Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) on our custom CAPS units.

CAPS’ 2018 sponsorship of the Women in HVACR industry organization

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Women in HVACR is an industry organization dedicated to improving the opportunities available to women in the HVACR industry and providing professional avenues for them to connect with other industry women. These avenues include networking, mentoring, and education opportunities.

Women in HVACR

“We here at CAPS put a high value on the women who are an integral part of our organization and our industry,” explains CAPS CEO Taylor Norris. “While we recognize that our industry sector is underrepresented by women, or perhaps because of this fact,” he reflected, “we are always on the lookout for ways to have a positive impact on the situation. We find our CAPS women to be knowledgeable, competent, and important contributors to helping us pursue our company goals and we seek not only to add to this body of knowledge, but to find ways to continuously improve what we have.”
Norris went on to explain that some of the continuous improvement opportunities involve participating in local industry/education advisory committees, supporting membership in other industry organizations, and providing opportunities for employees to attend seminars, conferences, and training opportunities.
Here are some of the opportunities and achievements of CAPS Women over the past few years:
  • Attended CAPS internal training classes to become certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) – Bea Amaya, Michaela Norris
  • Achieved internal ISO auditor certification – Carolyn Robertson, Alicia McCormick, Kelly Thibert, Michaela Norris
  • Attended WHVACR 14th Annual Conference – Carolyn Robertson, Bea Amaya
  • Active members in Women in ASHRAE (American Society of Heating and Air-conditioning Engineers) – Mary Alenbratt, Bea Amaya
  • San Jacinto College HVAC Industry Advisory Committee – Bea Amaya
“We are always looking for new and capable women in our organization,” Norris noted, “but this is not our only goal. We also continue to seek opportunities for our CAPS women to network, learn, improve, contribute to, and represent our organization in industry.”

CAPS Service Training – Bringing the Best out in You!!

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Weekly training classes are conducted by two leaders in the HVAC Service Training Industry, Kirk Mosier, and Morris Williams. Classes range from lessons learned, newly marketed tools and controls, equipment inspections, voltage issues, refrigerant circuits and Q&A. According to Williams, “One of the most important aspect of training is the Q&A sessions. The benefits that these sessions bring to our technicians are priceless.”

About Kirk Mosier and Morris Williams:

Kirk Mosier and Morris Williams, CAPS HVAC Service Trainers, located in Houston Texas. To contact Kirk Mosier or Morris Williams call 713-460-9009.

CAPS Equipment built for North Alaska Oil Rig

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Testing and certifying CAPS manufactured HVAC equipment is business as usual for Allan Taylor and his Testing Team at CAPS. CAPS equipment built to operate according to design in many different environments. 

Project Scope: This 7.5Ton Rooftop Package Unit was designed and manufactured by CAPS  in conjunction with specifications from National Oilwell Varco (NOV). This unit is also designed for Ambient Operating Range -40 to + 20 Celsius, is Hazardous Duty Class 1 Division 2, with Pressurizer, and a 10ft stack.

Environment:North Alaskan Drilling Oil Rig

CAPS Equipment built for North Alaska Oil Rig

About Neal Robichau:

A CAPS Senior Sales Specialist with over 30 years in the HVAC Industry. Neal specializes in the commercial and industrial sectors of the HVAC industry with a goal to always be a solution to CAPS customers. Neal can be reached at 713-460-9009.

ASHRAE 2018, an experience worth attending!

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ASHRAE 2018, an experience worth attending!

“My role in my organization is that of Systems Analyst. I deal in numbers, databases, graphs, and charts, on a daily basis. So, in spite of the fact that I really like looking at nuts, bolts, and cool tools on occasion, my decision to attend the AHR Expo in Chicago was a bit of a “risk” in the area of providing value to the company. But I am so glad I did.

I stumbled across one of our project managers on day one and followed him around, randomly exploring, checking out anything that caught our eye, and talking specifics (him talking, me listening!) with a few choice vendors. Fun and educational, it was a really good day. For day two I followed my normal strategy and chose sessions to attend all day long. Some sessions were directly in line with what we do, and some were more random selections. As our PMs, managers, and engineers are busy out on the floor chasing down leads, I spent my time listening to business strategies, reviewing available software, and hearing industry stories about managing all kinds of business risks.

So, did I find value in the visit? Absolutely! I am still referring to my notes and chasing down observations. Would I choose to go again? Again, absolutely! But I might also encourage someone else in our organization who is, like me, out of the manufacturing and service mainstream to take a chance and attend and learn in my place. And finally, is the AHR show really that impressive? If you have never attended, then you really have no idea. Short answer? Absolutely!”


About Dr. Bea Amaya:

Currently a Systems Analyst for Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. (CAPS) and a teacher of Technical Communications at the University of Houston in the College of Technology. Recent work history includes 1 year in Doha, Qatar working for Texas A&M University, and 3 years in Papua New Guinea with a transport company.

Education: A PhD in Technical Communications and Rhetoric from Texas Tech University.

Specialties: Expert skills in Access, Excel, and PowerPoint. Intermediate skills in Word, HTML, Javascript and more. VBA programming experience. Lots of experience in team leading and facilitation of team meetings.

To get to know more about Dr. Bea Amaya visit her at


Equipment Wrapping Challenge? No Sweat!

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“We don’t have the capability to wrap that unit for shipment…it’s simply too large. We’ll have to outsource that job.”

I heard these words spoken in the hallway just outside my office a week ago. Imagine my surprise yesterday when the Shipping Department Supervisor, James Ochoa, asked me to grab my camera and take a few pictures of the now wrapped unit.

“Didn’t you get someone to come in and handle that for you?” I asked.

“Nope,” he said, “we priced it, but it was outrageously expensive.”

“So I got my guys together and had them take another good, hard look at the unit,” he explained. “My team scratched their heads just a bit, made a few comments about the relatively square shape, then decided to give it a shot. This is, by far, the largest unit we’ve wrapped to-date, and I think they did an awesome job. That’s why I’m hoping you’ll take some photos of it.”

Creativity and innovation are often found in CAPS’ engineering department work, but it’s definitely not the only place those traits show up in our company. We see evidences every day of CAPS employees at all levels of the organization thinking outside the box, stretching to expand their capabilities, and demonstrating a willingness to try new strategies to accomplish project goals.

This was just one of those times when James and his shipping department team members took on the challenge, stepped up to the plate, and delivered a home run for the team. Way to go, guys!