There are many advantages of considering a custom designed HVAC unit, the greatest of which is the four different styles of construction that CAPS has to offer their customers.

So, you might ask: “Why have four different styles of construction?”

The answer is simple: Cost.  Choosing the style of construction is critical and can save you time and money on the build and installation of the unit.

The first style of construction that CAPS offers is a unitized, single piece, constructed unit for ease of hoisting and movement into place.

In contrast, our second type of construction gives CAPS the ability to build a unit in sections, where components, such as fans and coils, remain mounted in each section, thus allowing a “plug and play” installation.

A third type of construction, which is referred to as “knock-down construction” allows a unit to be completely disassembled and then reassembled, with each piece being carried into place.  This eliminates the need for moving obstructions in the path of the installation or knocking out and removing walls, etc., which can add additional costly expenses to the installation.

Lastly, the fourth style of construction that CAPS offers is its fully welded frame for rigid environment applications.

The advantages that CAPS offer in providing four different styles of construction allows greater flexibility to customers, but it also saves them time and money.  Regardless of the project requirements, CAPS offers flexibility on both design and construction, thus allowing us to meet every custom designed HVAC equipment need.