ASHRAE 2018, an experience worth attending!

“My role in my organization is that of Systems Analyst. I deal in numbers, databases, graphs, and charts, on a daily basis. So, in spite of the fact that I really like looking at nuts, bolts, and cool tools on occasion, my decision to attend the AHR Expo in Chicago was a bit of a “risk” in the area of providing value to the company. But I am so glad I did.

I stumbled across one of our project managers on day one and followed him around, randomly exploring, checking out anything that caught our eye, and talking specifics (him talking, me listening!) with a few choice vendors. Fun and educational, it was a really good day. For day two I followed my normal strategy and chose sessions to attend all day long. Some sessions were directly in line with what we do, and some were more random selections. As our PMs, managers, and engineers are busy out on the floor chasing down leads, I spent my time listening to business strategies, reviewing available software, and hearing industry stories about managing all kinds of business risks.

So, did I find value in the visit? Absolutely! I am still referring to my notes and chasing down observations. Would I choose to go again? Again, absolutely! But I might also encourage someone else in our organization who is, like me, out of the manufacturing and service mainstream to take a chance and attend and learn in my place. And finally, is the AHR show really that impressive? If you have never attended, then you really have no idea. Short answer? Absolutely!”


About Dr. Bea Amaya:

Currently a Systems Analyst for Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. (CAPS) and a teacher of Technical Communications at the University of Houston in the College of Technology. Recent work history includes 1 year in Doha, Qatar working for Texas A&M University, and 3 years in Papua New Guinea with a transport company.

Education: A PhD in Technical Communications and Rhetoric from Texas Tech University.

Specialties: Expert skills in Access, Excel, and PowerPoint. Intermediate skills in Word, HTML, Javascript and more. VBA programming experience. Lots of experience in team leading and facilitation of team meetings.

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