Brad Chaykoski


Jamie Overaitis


Taylor Norris, CEO of Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. (CAPS), today announced that Brad Chaykoski has been promoted to General Manager and Jamie Overaitis to General Superintendent, both in the Mechanical Field Services Division.

In announcing these promotions, Norris said, “Brad and Jamie have both been a key part of the growth, development, and success of the division. As General Manager, Brad is now in a position not only to provide strategic leadership and guidance, but also to be the primary interface between this division’s activities and those of the rest of the company. As General Superintendent, Jamie’s new role allows him to maintain strong field leadership as well as to ensure manpower and field work activities are organized, coordinated, and focused on maximizing benefits to our customers.”

Brad joined CAPS in June 1999 and has served in a number of roles throughout the company over the years. His knowledge of the challenges faced by field technicians and his experience in interfacing with customers and vendors, combined with his knowledge of organizational needs and processes, make him particularly suited for this leadership role. As General Manager of the division, Brad will be able to put his knowledge and experience to use in driving the division toward meeting company goals and contributing to its further successes.

Jamie joined CAPS in June 2006 and has worked in roles that have helped him grow and develop into a strong leader while contributing not only his knowledge and expertise in the field, but also his strong work ethic and teamwork focus in the process. Serving in the General Superintendent role will enable him to share these strengths in a way that will support the division’s goals, but also that will serve to develop others into more effective and efficient technicians with a strong focus on meeting customer needs.

CAPS President John Boger explained, “We are always on the lookout for good talent in the industry and are definitely open to hiring this talent on a regular basis. But when we are able to promote from within and reward those who have contributed to CAPS’ success over the years, well, that’s a particularly rewarding experience for us.”

About Custom Air Products & Services

Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. is a full-service HVAC company that specializes in the design, construction, installation, modification, and servicing of industrial and commercial air conditioning equipment. CAPS employees are committed to providing exceptional custom design and quality workmanship at competitive prices.

Custom Air Products & Services currently occupies five (5) modern facilities, totaling 200,000 square feet in size. These buildings include administrative and engineering offices, training facilities, a filter warehouse, and service shops for fabrication, manufacturing, and modifications. CAPS services are provided to customers throughout the United States and Mexico while their manufactured products have been delivered to sites around the world. Currently CAPS has equipment operating on six (6) continents and in 52 countries.

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