Employees and management at Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. were both pleased and excited to be recognized by the Houston Chronicle as being one of the “Top Workplaces” in the Houston area for 2012.

“When we were contacted and told that one of our employees had nominated us for this prestigious award,” explained CEO Taylor Norris, “we weren’t really sure what to think. We have a tremendously talented and professional group of employees here, a group we are very proud of, but were not really sure how, or even if, they would respond to the surveys. When it was finished, discovering that our employees ranked us so highly as to be awarded a top spot was really a pleasant surprise.”

More than 72,500 Houston-area employee weighed in with opinions for this year’s Top Workplaces, and Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. was proud to be recognized in this prestigious group.

Custom Air Products and Services, Inc. (CAPS) is a leader in the design, construction, installation, modification, and servicing of industrial and commercial air conditioning equipment. But being recognized by their workforce as being among the Houston-are top employers is a whole new source of pride for them.

Gaining access to the Top Workplaces listing involves employee rating of their companies in such areas as opportunities for advancement, the value of their pay and benefits, and their bosses’ communication and management skills.

Pennsylvania-based research firm WorkplaceDynamics invited 1,383 local companies to participate and surveyed 244 of them, then tallied the results to determine winners. For the first time since its debut in 2010, the list has been expanded to the top 150 companies. Last year, it included the top 100 companies plus another 42 companies that met a national standard for top workplaces. In total, 44 employers earned spots on the list all three years, including five that met the national standard last year. The local survey participants employ 154,398 people in the area; 125,503 of the employees received surveys, and 72,517 responded. The organizations on the list included public and private entities and nonprofit groups.