First: What is a “QR code”?

QR Code being scanned with a phoneThink bar codes. Notice how every product at the grocery store has a bar code on it that the cashier scans? That’s what a QR code is. Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. (CAPS) is putting these codes on equipment now. Technicians can scan this code with their phone’s camera, which automatically takes them to a web site created by CAPS that has links to a setup video and the manual for that equipment. At CAPS we understand the challenges HVAC technicians in the field face.

What are these challenges and how do QR codes help?

– Time. The manuals are not going to be out there with the unit in the field. Sometimes finding the manuals online can be difficult, too. So being able to be taken straight to a video and a manual means saved time and quicker troubleshooting.
– Having videos right there on their phones is an easier/more efficient option for doing most servicing and repairs.
– Having these resources makes it easier and more likely that a technician can/will familiarize themselves better with the equipment.