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Energy Efficient HVAC

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Energy Efficient HVAC

Energy efficient HVAC equipment is manufactured by Custom Air Products & Services.  Call (866) 464-4274 to speak with an expert in HVAC design, manufacturing and fabrication at CAPS.

Since 1996, we have been providing top quality custom built heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment all across the globe to commercial and industrial industries.

Long-term financial savings are realized by businesses choosing to contact us for our cost-effective and green HVAC manufacturing expertise.

Experienced Green HVAC Manufacturing

At Custom Air Products & Services, our many years of experience has granted us a thorough understanding of the many unique product performance requirements and energy efficient HVAC standards that must be met for varying locations and projects.

We work closely with our client companies to exceed their expectations, while delivering the most effective heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment to exactly match the specifications for each job.

Custom HVAC Design, Fabrication & Manufacturing

CAPS also meets the needs created by the continuous updates to energy efficient standards for HVAC equipment by performing modifications to existing units in a variety of locations and for changing conditions.

Whether your cabinet materials and skid materials must be aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, or coated structural steel, we are fully equipped to handle any job of any size, while matching our customer’s needs precisely.

Increasing the efficiency of your current heating and cooling system or ensuring that your new jobsites or projects have energy efficient HVAC equipment is extremely important for reducing your overall expenditures, among the many other benefits involved.

Receive Energy Efficient HVAC Information Today!

Receiving high quality heating and air conditioning units that are perfectly compatible with the environment they will be operating within is achieved by contacting your green HVAC manufacturing company, Custom Air Products & Services.

Call (866) 464-4274 at any time of the day or night, any day of the year to speak with the experienced professionals ready to help you with all of your energy efficient HVAC needs today.

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HVAC Air Conditioning: Portable Units Essential for Oil Rigs

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Custom Air Products & Services Building Portable & Explosion Proof HVAC Air Conditioning Units for Oil Rigs

As the demand for fossil fuel rises, oil companies are going farther and digging deeper for oil than ever
before and the staff at Custom Air Products is playing a crucial role.

Custom Air Products and Services is a major supplier of severe duty, portable HVAC air conditioning units to oil
companies around the world. It is essential for oil rigs to keep their electrical and computer

equipment cool; malfunctioning equipment can shut down an entire rig or even worse, endanger the lives
of the crew on board. The employees of Custom Air Products and Services custom design, construct, install
and service portable HVAC air conditioning units for some of the largest and most productive oil companies.
Our clients cover the globe, from North America and South America to Europe and the Middle East.

The HVAC air conditioning units we custom manufacture for these oil and gas companies are unique because they
must not only keep equipment cool but they must withstand extreme conditions. They differ from normal units
because they have stronger coils, a blower and filtration system that doesn’t produce sparks and a stronger
body casing that is often explosion proof. They must also stick to quality control and codes used by the
petrochemical industries.

Technological changes have lowered the cost of finding and producing oil. Combine that with its skyrocketing
price, and many companies are going back to rigs that once were deemed high risk or marginal. These rigs need
to be upgraded with the latest and greatest equipment. And that equipment needs to be kept cool.

Custom Air Products has the ability to not only design and build entirely new HVAC units for these oil rigs
but also retrofit old, inefficient, and outdated HVAC equipment with no service disruption and no building
demolition required. In addition, oil rigs can rent portable and explosion proof HVAC units from Custom Air Products.

The demand for these portable and explosion proof air conditioners has skyrocketed in the past year alone. In 2007,
roughly 6% of CAPS contracts were geared toward the oil and gas industries. In 2008, that number is already up to
25% according to Custom Air Products and Services President Taylor Norris. And that number is expected to keep
rising just as the price of gasoline continues to rise.

To help keep up with the demand, we are increasing our staff and are hiring more electrical engineers, draftsmen,
cad operators and other key positions here at CAPS. For a list of job openings click here for employment information.

Green HVAC Manufacturer

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Green HVAC Manufacturer

Green HVAC manufacturer, Custom Air Products & Services provides energy efficient HVAC equipment and more while maintaining exceptionally high standards of quality for each and every job.Since 1996, CAPS has been exceeding the expectations of companies in the commercial and industrial industries all across America.

Give us a call at (713) 460-9009 today to learn more about the many products and services we offer nationwide.

HVAC Equipment Custom Built to Meet Strict Requirements

With the latest technologies and large, fully equipped facilities, our highly skilled team of professional engineers and skilled craftsmen ensure that every piece of HVAC equipment that we design and build meets the most stringent requirements for the variety of conditions in which the equipment will be operating.

Being a green HVAC manufacturer means that we are completely compliant with all of the latest energy codes and requirements.

Each piece of HVAC equipment that we manufacture at our facilities is crafted by skilled workers with years of experience and custom built to meet each individual client need.

HVAC Equipment Modifications to Meet Energy Standards

Standards for energy efficiency in heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment have been increasing in complexity and include agreements to encourage businesses to utilize HVAC equipment with improved environmental benefits.

Custom Air Products & Services is always ready to assist commercial and industrial businesses with all of their green HVAC manufacturing needs, HVAC design requirements and so much more.

HVAC Equipment Manufacturing

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HVAC Equipment Manufacturing

Custom Air Products & Services specializes in HVAC equipment manufacturing of custom heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems for large scale industrial, retail, petrochemical, and commercial operations.

We employ registered professional engineers and skilled craftsmen to produce the safest, energy efficient and most reliable units available at reasonable prices. Call us today at (713) 460-9009 to discuss further how we can work together.

Our HVAC equipment manufacturing engineers use quality design and analysis tools to provide custom solutions specific to your operating facilities. We design heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems that help maintain good indoor air quality through adequate ventilation and filtration as well as to protect your equipment and provide thermal comfort in the workplace.

Custom Air Products & Services engineers can design a quality HVAC system that is cost-competitive with the most effective ventilation designs, while successfully providing the appropriate quantity and quality of outdoor air, lower energy costs and easier maintenance.

Quality HVAC Systems

The Custom Air Products & Services HVAC equipment manufacturing process is completed in our facilities by registered professional engineers and skilled craftsmen with many years of experience in designing and manufacturing quality HVAC systems.

Our quality control department provides testing on all systems to ensure the units adhere to standards and fully comply with engineering specifications. Quality, pricing and delivery are what Custom Air

Products & Services focuses on to make your projects successful. Let our experience work for you.


HVAC Equipment Replacement

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HVAC Equipment Replacement

HVAC equipment replacement is provided by Custom Air Products & Services without disrupting business operations or creating complications with building demolition. Please call one of our HVAC professionals today at (866) 464-4274 to discuss these options further.

Through the years, energy codes change and HVAC equipment may need repairs or replacement. We can provide you with “green” HVAC equipment and services to ensure that you always meet regulations and avoid costly fines as well as providing the energy efficient solutions that work to lower energy costs.

HVAC Retrofits
You need optimum system performance every day and our many years in business have provided us at Custom Air Products & Services with the skills and know-how to ensure that optimum performance is exactly what you receive from all of your HVAC systems. Whether you are in need of new HVAC designs, HVAC retrofits, HVAC equipment replacement, or other heating, ventilation and air conditioning (IAQ) products and services, we do it all with the latest technology and the skilled workforce that remain ever ready to meet the challenging demands of any project.


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HVAC Installer

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When you are looking for an HVAC installer, fabricator, manufacturer or HVAC service company, you need look no further than Custom Air Products and Services to receive the most effective solutions for meeting your business needs. Allow us to use our years of experience and skill in our trade to assist you with any HVAC project by calling (866) 464-4274 today!

Working with standard and custom HVAC equipment and providing HVAC retrofits and maintenance services are among the many specialties of CAPS professionals.

Nationwide, we provide support to industrial businesses, petrochemical industries, retail companies and commercial industries and are fully equipped to handle even the biggest job. Through the years, we never fail to ardently strive for complete customer satisfaction and to work to continuously provide the most effective and efficient services that exactly meets the requirements of each client company we serve.

Commercial HVAC Equipment

Commercial heating equipment, air conditioning equipment and ventilation equipment provided by Custom Air Products is designed around your business needs whether it is standard fabrication and manufacturing services that you need or customized HVAC to fulfill specific project requirements, we stand true to our reputation for always getting our customers exactly what they need, when they need it.

For HVAC manufacturing, our professional engineers and skilled craftsmen work conjunctively to create the air conditioning and heating products and more provided by CAPS at one of our large, well-equipped facilities for HVAC design, fabrication and manufacturing.

We will also work with your existing equipment, providing precisely the modifications you need whether they include coating, electrical, fabrication or other HVAC services you require.

Please call one of our experienced professionals at (866) 464-4274 to discuss your commercial HVAC or industrial HVAC needs today!

HVAC installers, designers, modification specialists, fabricators, engineers and manufacturers are readily available to you when you contact CAPS, your full-service HVAC Company assisting businesses nationwide. You may also fill out our online contact form to let us know your needs and when the best time would be to contact you by clicking on the “HVAC Company” link above.

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HVAC Fabrication: HVAC Units Manufactured to Meet Your Specifications

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HVAC Design: Meet Strict Energy Code Requirements

HVAC Design: Meet strict energy code requirements by contacting Custom Air Products at (713) 460-9009 for all of your HVAC design, fabrication and manufacturing needs.

Our diligent HVAC quality assurance programs cannot be beat while ensuring that all safety and energy code requirements are effectively met and maintained through quality IAQ services from the global HVAC manufacturer, Custom Air Products.

We have been helping our clientele with all of their quality HVAC services for more than 20 years and our dedication to our customers and the excellent workmanship we provide cannot be beat!

We are available to assist you with your HVAC manufacturing needs 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Call us today to discuss your specific IAQ project needs.

Custom HVAC Equipment Manufacturing

Due to our extensive experience in our industry and in working with the petrochemical, industrial, commercial and retail industries, we are completely knowledgeable and skilled in meeting strict energy code requirements and safety requirements that are involved with all of the custom HVAC equipment we design, deliver, install and maintain.

Your industrial air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality products will be manufactured according to your individual specifications in design, electrical specs and material needs to correspond with the conditions within which your HVAC units will be operating.

With our high-tech tooling capabilities and our large, highly skilled and trained workforce, we always custom manufacture all our HVAC products to match the specified variables involved with each project.

We also employ a full staff of certified service technicians who can make sure that all makes and models of your HVAC equipment are maintained to ensure that your operations consistently run effectively in all the commercial facilities you manage.

Industrial and Commercial HVAC Replacement

We have eliminated the need for demolition services to provide our customers with a cost-effective method for HVAC retrofits.

Any inefficient and outdated equipment can be replaced to meet the most strict energy code requirements without service interruptions through the utilization of our innovative HVAC technologies and highly skilled team of designers, manufacturers and diversified personnel.

Call (713) 460-9009 to speak directly with a highly trained HVAC professional to discuss your needs anywhere around the world.

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National HVAC Manufacturer

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National HVAC Manufacturer

National HVAC manufacturer, Custom Air Products, is a full-service HVAC company, which supports the needs of industrial, petrochemical, retail and commercial customers across the U.S. and around the globe. Call (713) 460-9009 to receive superior customer support to meet all of your HVAC requirements today.

Custom Air Products provides design, execution, modification, installation and servicing nationally as an HVAC Manufacturer based in Houston, TX.

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. We have the highest standards in quality assurance and the ability to manufacture all of our HVAC equipment to meet your individual specifications.

Specialized Air Conditioning Company

We are a very specialized air conditioning company ready to meet all of your needs with a large and diversified workforce whose skill sets are varied to enable us to provide our clientele with effective HVAC services that will precisely match each need.

Custom Air Products HVAC services include all aspects of air conditioning fabrication, sales and service and we make sure to always do everything it takes to supply your needs with energy efficient and affordable results to optimize your company and project requirements.

Our commitment to quality and earning the trust of our customers has been evident in our consistently maintained relationship with some of the same customers for over 20 years.

When you contact Custom Air Products, you will experience the satisfaction of knowing that your highest expectations are being fulfilled by our quality national HVAC manufacturing services.

Commercial, Industrial, International, Offshore & Retail HVAC Fabrication

Commercial, industrial, international, offshore, retail HVAC fabrication and manufacturing services and more are all successfully managed by our IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) company that has been continuously improving the products and services offered decade after decade.

24 hours a day, seven days per week, we handle the design, installation and even the electrical services involved in providing national and international HVAC equipment services and products to all of our customers. We do not close, but rather, are always available every day of the year to meet your HVAC equipment needs and all of your specific, custom specifications.

Whatever on-site involvement our customers are interested in, we always provide them with that capability. When your project requirements for HVAC equipment and services are particularly unique, you can be certain that with whatever level of involvement you wish to have, your air conditioning units and IAQ units will be designed to effectively coordinate with your custom project scenario.

Tour Our HVAC Manufacturing Facility

Custom Air Products always welcomes clientele to tour our exceptional HVAC facilities and to see the workmanship we deliver first hand at any stage of the process.

We provide high levels of training for both our employees and provide outside training for your workers as well. If you need VFDs or a specific kind of chiller training to ensure top quality performance is maintained for your project, we are always ready and willing to assist your company and provide the HVAC training that you need.

Your overall HVAC fabrication, manufacturing and maintenance costs will be reduced and the lifetime of your HVAC equipment will be increased through the many services and high quality standards delivered upon by Custom Air Products.

Give us a call to let us meet your needs today at (713) 460-9009. At any time of day or night, you can speak to one of our HVAC representatives directly and we will work hard to ensure that your specific needs are met.

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HVAC Equipment, fabrication, manufacturing, retrofits, field services, installations and more are provided by the experienced professionals at Custom Air Products. Feel free to call our skilled, professional HVAC staff today at (866) 464-4274 to receive exceptional service 100% of the time!

CAPS is the full-service HVAC Company that does it all! We put our resources, skills, large workforce and technologically advanced equipment to work for you in ensuring that whatever your needs are be they standard, specialized, or custom, we are ready and completely equipped to get the job done right and in time to meet your project deadlines.

Products and Services provided by Custom Air Products include:

Please click on any of the links above to view detailed information about each of our products and services or simply give us a call to let us know exactly what you need and how we can help!

Energy Efficient HVAC

Providing energy efficient HVAC solutions is one of our many specialties here at Custom Air Products and Services as we continue to deliver the most effective solutions for helping our clients to receive long-term benefits.

At CAPS, we adhere to very strict quality control requirements and we make sure that every one of our employees does as well. Our training program is exceptionally thorough to ensure that the reputation for excellence that we have achieved throughout our many years in business is maintained without fail.

Please give us a call today and whenever you need assistance at any time of the day or night, any day of the year at (866) 464-4274 to experience the benefits of using Custom Air Products and Services to meet all of your HVAC needs year round.

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Houston HVAC Equipment

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Houston HVAC equipment manufacturing and fabrication provided by Custom Air Products is also available on a global scale. Call (713) 460-9009 for information about fulfilling your commercial, retail or industrial requirements for HVAC, IAQ, portable HVAC rental equipment, duct cleaning services and plumbing services.

We have been servicing many of the same clientele while adding new customers to our client base, for over 20 years because we stand behind the quality of our workmanship and design.

Custom Air Products never closes and is therefore directly available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. You will never receive an impersonal answering service to meet your needs, but rather, will always be provided with knowledgeable HVAC assistance whenever you call.

HVAC Equipment Fabricator and Manufacturer

We ensure that all of your specifications in design and service are always met, allowing our customers to be involved at whatever level they choose. Our customers are welcome to tour our 150,000 sq. ft. campus where we perform all of our HVAC design, fabrication and manufacturing.

We support the HVAC, Indoor Air Quality and plumbing needs of clientele in the full range of industries including:

  • Petrochemical
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

Our Houston-based HVAC company is a leader in the design, delivery and installation of HVAC equipment to companies all across the world. We employ a large team of highly experienced workers and carrying the best tooling and equipment, which provides us with the ability to custom manufacture indoor air quality equipment to meet all of our customer’s unique requirements both inside the U.S., internationally and offshore.

HVAC Quality Assurance

Our high standards of HVAC quality control and assurance begin with detailed quality review procedures that begin at the very initial stages of design and development and our quality and safety review is not ended until the HVAC project itself is completed.

We also provide continuous training to our employees, while performing HVAC training classes for the employees of our clientele as well to ensure your ability to consistently maintain your custom made HVAC equipment in accordance with all of the most stringent safety requirements.

When you contact Custom Air Products, you will find that we do whatever it takes to make sure that you receive only the highest level of service from both our technicians and the HVAC manufactured equipment that we provide.

Portable HVAC Equipment Manufacturing and Fabrication

Custom Air Products is a leader in the global manufacturing and fabrication of portable HVAC equipment. Our portable HVAC products include:

With all of our HVAC products, we use customer specified materials to meet with your individual condition needs, specific electrical classifications and custom skid materials.

Houston HVAC Company. Plunbing Services

For the Houston, TX and Gulf Coast region, Custom Air Products provides plumbing services at any time of the day or night at your commercial and industrial facilities. We are on-call to help you with your commercial plumbing needs. Our Houston plumbing services include:

  • Preventative Plumbing Maintenance Contracts
  • Video Line Inspection & Leak Location Services
  • Sewer & Drain Repairs & cleaning
  • Annual Natural Gas Test
  • Water Leaks
  • Boiler & Water Heater Services
  • Hydro-Jet Services
  • Gas Leaks
  • Annual Natural Gas Tests
  • All Brands of Plumbing Fixtures: Sales & Service
  • Backflow Certification
  • Medical Gas

Call us to receive a detailed plumbing evaluation so that we may provide you with the most cost-effective plumbing services in Houston.

HVAC Equipment Manufacturer Fabricator Based in Houston, TX

Contact Custom Air Products, the Houston HVAC equipment manufacturer for all of your HVAC fabrication and manufacturing requirements wherever your company or project may be located.

At any time of the day or night we are always ready to assist you with your custom HVAC requirements at (713) 460-9009. Call today!

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