Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. (CAPS), a leading commercial and industrial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) company based in Houston, Texas (US) recently introduced “The CAPS Cooler,” a large air conditioned space designed to give workers a place to break in order to get cool, stay hydrated, and remain healthy.

“This is our peak work season,” pointed out CEO Taylor Norris, “and this summer is as busy for us as any we’ve seen. This is the time of year when we focus an incredible amount of time and energy into providing customers with the commercial and industrial cooling units that help them continue to operate efficiently. But we also have an obligation to our own employees; we need to keep them healthy and safe as they provide for our customer’s needs.”
One of the innovations CAPS came up with to provide for cool and healthy worker breaks was to convert an overflow “tent”, a space most often used for special projects and special events, into a walk-in “cooler” for the workers. The space is equipped with a large cooling unit, outfitted with tables, chairs, and microwaves for meal preparation, and kept stocked with continuously replenished bottles of cold water. Workers are encouraged to use the space at regular break-time intervals, as a preventive measure, but also as a response measure, responding to any indications that they, or their co-workers, might be getting overheated.

Cooler Tent

A second CAPS innovation is the “rental unit” (shown at left in the photo) keeping the tent cool. This unit is a new 60 ton prototype still in development by the CAPS research and development team. “What better way to test a new unit design,” explained Vice President of Sales Ronnie Voelkel, “than to put it through a season of extreme heat in our own backyard.”

Employee work areas on the CAPS campus are all supplemented with additional cooling, air circulation, and cold water availability, but “The CAPS Cooler” provides a space away from the work areas that is quieter and cooler and allows workers to relax just a bit and interact with others (including monitoring each other for signs of heat stress), as well as take a comfortable break away from the work.

“Keeping employees cool and healthy during the hot Texas summer, provides for the health of our employees, the needs of our customers, and the goals of our company,” explains Norris. “Keeping those things in mind demonstrates how ‘The CAPS Cooler’ is a win-win-win strategy.”

About Custom Air Products & Services

Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. is a full-service HVAC company that specializes in the design, construction, installation, modification, and servicing of industrial and commercial air conditioning equipment. CAPS employees are committed to providing exceptional custom design and quality workmanship at competitive prices.

Custom Air Products & Services currently occupies five modern facilities, totaling 180,000 square feet in size. These buildings include administrative and engineering offices, training facilities, a filter warehouse, and service shops for fabrication, manufacturing, electrical modifications, as well as material inventory and shipping and receiving. CAPS services are provided to customers throughout the United States and Mexico while their manufactured products have been delivered to sites around the world. Currently, CAPS has equipment operating on six (6) continents and in 52 countries.

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