Custom HVAC air handling systems has been CAPS’ specialty for almost 20 years. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Houston, TX, but we provide air handling system products and services all over the world. CAPS understands the importance of custom air handling systems and how integral they are to commercial and industrial businesses on a global scale.

Why are custom HVAC air handling systems so important?

According to CSE (Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine):

Custom air handling units are available in nearly any configuration that a user might require. They generally have the highest quality construction and are most commonly used in institutional or industrial applications where high flow rates, very close control, and harsh conditions exist. They may also be applied in irregular spaces that would not conform to a modular line. Custom units can be configured to include virtually any combination of air processing components. They also can include walkways and service areas within them and can even accommodate space for skid-mounted equipment like pumps or heat exchangers. They are the most costly of all of the types of units discussed, but can be expected to have the longest lifespan.

By customizing your HVAC air handling system, CAPS can configure the equipment exactly to your unique specifications and constraints.

CAPS is passionate about manufacturing your commercial and industrial custom HVAC air handling system.

We enjoy providing solutions that work best for you. We specialize in the fabrication and manufacturing of customized HVAC units, portable air handlers, explosion proof HVAC units, commercial and industrial HVAC units, industrial heaters, custom marine and boat air units, modular air handlers, oil rig handlers, offshore HVAC units, air coolers, and wall mounted air conditioners.

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