“We don’t have the capability to wrap that unit for shipment…it’s simply too large. We’ll have to outsource that job.”

I heard these words spoken in the hallway just outside my office a week ago. Imagine my surprise yesterday when the Shipping Department Supervisor, James Ochoa, asked me to grab my camera and take a few pictures of the now wrapped unit.

“Didn’t you get someone to come in and handle that for you?” I asked.

“Nope,” he said, “we priced it, but it was outrageously expensive.”

“So I got my guys together and had them take another good, hard look at the unit,” he explained. “My team scratched their heads just a bit, made a few comments about the relatively square shape, then decided to give it a shot. This is, by far, the largest unit we’ve wrapped to-date, and I think they did an awesome job. That’s why I’m hoping you’ll take some photos of it.”

Creativity and innovation are often found in CAPS’ engineering department work, but it’s definitely not the only place those traits show up in our company. We see evidences every day of CAPS employees at all levels of the organization thinking outside the box, stretching to expand their capabilities, and demonstrating a willingness to try new strategies to accomplish project goals.

This was just one of those times when James and his shipping department team members took on the challenge, stepped up to the plate, and delivered a home run for the team. Way to go, guys!