Has your HVAC unit been serviced for winter?

Has your HVAC unit been serviced for winter? Now that the Houston weather is cooling off, it’s the perfect time to have your industrial or commercial HVAC system serviced. Custom Air Products & Services, Inc (CAPS) is readily at your service to perform the thorough checks and maintenance that your system needs to run optimally this winter.

While we aim to service your system in the preventative stage, we also perform complete repairs and/or replacements as needed. CAPS has expertise with a broad range of products, so your commercial or industrial establishment will be outfitted with the HVAC equipment that matches your needs precisely.

Also, if your company needs to be outfitted with a completely new HVAC system or if you are a brand new business and in the design stages, CAPS will enthusiastically and confidently handle all of your commercial and industrial HVAC needs with experience garnered over almost 20 years in the business.

Commercial HVAC Equipment

Commercial HVAC Equipment for churches to high rises to grocery stores and more is our specialty. With all of the holidays coming up, it’s imperative to have your HVAC serviced so you can ensure a comfortable temperature for all of your parishioners, employees, and customers. No one wants to be singing “Oh, Holy Night” while freezing to death.

Industrial HVAC Equipment

Industrial HVAC Equipment for refineries, plants, and labs is also part of our repertoire. Often, we run into projects that have never been done before and we enjoy coming up with solutions to meet your needs! Now is the perfect time to jump start any project you need before 2016 is here.

For more information regarding servicing your HVAC unit for the winter or any of our other commercial and industrial HVAC services, please call CAPS at 713-460-9009 or contact CAPS at info@customairproducts.com.