Custom Air Products & Services Building Portable & Explosion Proof HVAC Air Conditioning Units for Oil Rigs

As the demand for fossil fuel rises, oil companies are going farther and digging deeper for oil than ever
before and the staff at Custom Air Products is playing a crucial role.

Custom Air Products and Services is a major supplier of severe duty, portable HVAC air conditioning units to oil companies around the world. It is essential for oil rigs to keep their electrical and computer

equipment cool; malfunctioning equipment can shut down an entire rig or even worse, endanger the lives
of the crew on board. The employees of Custom Air Products and Services custom design, construct, install
and service
portable HVAC air conditioning units for some of the largest and most productive oil companies.
Our clients cover the globe, from North America and South America to Europe and the Middle East.

The HVAC air conditioning units we custom manufacture for these oil and gas companies are unique because they
must not only keep equipment cool but they must withstand extreme conditions. They differ from normal units
because they have stronger coils, a blower and filtration system that doesn’t produce sparks and a stronger
body casing that is often explosion proof. They must also stick to quality control and codes used by the
petrochemical industries.

Technological changes have lowered the cost of finding and producing oil. Combine that with its skyrocketing
price, and many companies are going back to rigs that once were deemed high risk or marginal. These rigs need
to be upgraded with the latest and greatest equipment. And that equipment needs to be kept cool.

Custom Air Products has the ability to not only design and build entirely new HVAC units for these oil rigs
but also retrofit old, inefficient, and outdated HVAC equipment with no service disruption and no building
demolition required. In addition, oil rigs can rent portable and explosion proof HVAC units from Custom Air Products.

The demand for these portable and explosion proof air conditioners has skyrocketed in the past year alone. In 2007,
roughly 6% of CAPS contracts were geared toward the oil and gas industries. In 2008, that number is already up to
25% according to Custom Air Products and Services President Taylor Norris. And that number is expected to keep
rising just as the price of gasoline continues to rise.

To help keep up with the demand, we are increasing our staff and are hiring more electrical engineers, draftsmen,
cad operators and other key positions here at CAPS. For a list of job openings click here for employment information.