HVAC Equipment: Keeping Industrial Clients Cool, Demand Creates Houston Job Openings

Company providing custom HVAC products & service of HVAC Equipment for Petrochemical and Marine Industries now hiring Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, Electricians and other Skilled Workers

The Industrial and Offshore industries are booming right now, with many companies needing to fill key positions to crew offshore oil rigs and industrial petrochemical plants. But the boom is also creating jobs and growth in other fields, including those companies that specialize in the design, manufacturing, installation and service of HVAC equipment and systems.

Houston based Custom Air Products and Services, Inc. announced today that it is aggressively looking for new employees in order to fulfill their existing orders and new contracts. The oil and gas economy has caused an increased demand on their unique company which designs, builds and services portable HVAC equipment for use on oil rigs and industrial facilities around the world.

Custom Air Products and Services, Inc. President, Taylor Norris, says his company is in critical need for all positions ranging from electrical and mechanical engineers to draftsmen, cad operators, service personnel and sheet metal installers. “Not only am I concerned about filling positions to cover existing orders,” explains Norris, “but new orders are coming in every day. In order to keep up with our expanding business, we need to immediately expand our staff.” The company has increased its’ business by 25% since last year, largely due to it’s expertise in designing and building severe duty HVAC air conditioners. These units are essential on oil rigs and petrochemical plants in order to keep sensitive computers and equipment cool.

The ever increasing demand for fossil fuel has many oil companies going back to oil rigs that were once abandoned and not considered economically feasible when oil was $50 a barrel. At the current sky rocketing price, companies can afford to drill at high risk and marginal sites. “These rigs are being upgraded with the latest computer technology and with all that new equipment comes the need for a reliable HVAC system that will keep it cool and safe,” says Norris.

In addition to oil rigs, Custom Air Products and Services, Inc. also manufacture air conditioning, pressurization and refrigeration systems to withstand extreme conditions and special electrical classifications at petrochemical facilities. These types of units differ from others because they have stronger coils, a blower and filtration system that doesn’t produce sparks, specific electrical classifications and a stronger body casing that is often explosion proof.

Top economists predict the oil boom to last for the next 15 to 20 years. The demand for custom and portable cooling units created by the boom will only grow as well. Because of this demand, it is vital that Custom Air Products and Services, Inc. grow its staff. A list of current job openings can be found at www.customairproducts.com. The company offers competitive salaries, annual reviews, healthcare, retirement, paid sick days and vacations.