HVAC Equipment Replacement

HVAC equipment replacement is provided by Custom Air Products & Services without disrupting business operations or creating complications with building demolition. Please call one of our HVAC professionals today at (866) 464-4274 to discuss these options further.

Through the years, energy codes change and HVAC equipment may need repairs or replacement. We can provide you with “green” HVAC equipment and services to ensure that you always meet regulations and avoid costly fines as well as providing the energy efficient solutions that work to lower energy costs.

HVAC Retrofits
You need optimum system performance every day and our many years in business have provided us at Custom Air Products & Services with the skills and know-how to ensure that optimum performance is exactly what you receive from all of your HVAC systems. Whether you are in need of new HVAC designs, HVAC retrofits, HVAC equipment replacement, or other heating, ventilation and air conditioning (IAQ) products and services, we do it all with the latest technology and the skilled workforce that remain ever ready to meet the challenging demands of any project.


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