In addition to ensuring that our staff is constantly trained and educated on all aspects of HVAC service, Custom Air Products goes out of its way to provide training for clients who purchase any of our industrial or commercial air conditioning products.

For many of our customers, our HVAC services division is available 24/7 to provide emergency service, repair and maintenance on all types of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. In fact, we provide HVAC service at most of the commercial and industrial service facilities throughout the Gulf coast area.

However, as our business expands so are the miles between our service technicians and our HVAC air conditioning units. We are now custom designing, manufacturing and installing HVAC systems around the world. Clients are purchasing or renting our portable HVAC air conditioning units for their facilities, plants and oil rigs all over Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia.

While we still send our employees overseas to install our HVAC units for clients; we have found it more efficient to train the employees of our clients in the service and maintenance of our units. To do so, we offer free training classes at our Houston facility. For each client, our service division custom develops a comprehensive training program that is specific to the needs of the individual HVAC unit and the technician who will be servicing it. The curriculum includes everything from system operations to troubleshooting tips and preventative maintenance. Safety is also an important consideration and we make sure each technician is trained to minimize employee injuries and reduce or eliminate the risk of damage to the HVAC unit. The program takes places in a classroom environment, but also includes extensive hands on training as well as a final exam that the technician must pass before he or she can work on our HVAC system.

Although Custom Air Products would love to have service technicians around the world to take care of our overseas HVAC units, it makes economic sense to instead ensure that the staff and employees of our overseas customers are properly trained and educated on how to maintain our units. In the end, training the employees of our customers is cost effective not only for our company but for our clients as well.