With today’s rising energy costs, companies are very interested in finding ways to save on their utility bills. One of the largest sources of electricity use among businesses is industrial air conditioning. What is most surprising, however, is the amount of energy that can be saved just by choosing the right air conditioning equipment. Industrial managers who are in charge of large spaces, such as manufacturing facilities, should consider the following prior to ordering an air conditioning system:

  • How much are you currently paying for your industrial air conditioning?
    Instead of continuing to overpay for your utility costs, it may save your business money to begin researching the different air conditioning units that are available today. Modern units are surprisingly efficient and often more than pay for themselves in just a short length of time. The best way to learn about the different units that are available and how these efficient units can save your company money is to speak with an air products supplier and learn about the cost of a new unit compared to how much you are currently spending on heating and cooling your facility.
  • How many air conditioning units are appropriate for the size of the space?
    A quality air products company should be able to come to your site and analyze its size in comparison to the available air systems. Many industrial managers are experts in their own fields, but are understandably not as knowledgeable about air handling units. For this reason, it will end up saving you time and frustration if you work with an air conditioning professional. However, be sure to come with your own list of questions, such as the cost efficiency of many smaller units in comparison to a few large units; or whether a rooftop or modular air handling unit is right for your building.
  • Will the installer need to make major structural changes in order to install the new air conditioning equipment?
    You may need a new air conditioning unit, but you also need to continue to run your business. It is important that you find out an estimate of how much disruption you can expect during the installation. Better yet, an air products company that can custom design a modular system may be able to replace your unit using the exact dimensions of your current one.

Custom Air Products is proud to carry a full line of air handling and HVAC units, and our experienced staff is able to help you decide which air conditioning equipment to choose, as well as how many units to place in your facility. Call us today at (713) 460-9009 to begin saving money on your industrial air conditioning costs.