Larry Novak – Enjoys Semi-Retirement

Houston, TX, September 14, 2020 — Taylor Norris, CEO Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. (CAPS), today announced that Larry Novak, formerly Vice President of Engineering, has begun transitioning into a role of semi-retirement at CAPS.

“On behalf of CAPS Management, I want to thank Larry for his significant contributions and impact in advancing CAPS’ position within the HVAC industry,” stated CAPS President John Boger. “Larry’s role in developing CAPS’ position as a true custom engineering solutions provider for the industry cannot be overstated.”

CEO Taylor Norris added, “Rather than facing a significant loss by the retirement of this key company leader, providing the option of semi-retirement allows CAPS to continue to rely on Larry’s experience, expertise, and knowledge while allowing him the personal freedom he has earned. Larry’s transition into semi-retirement is a big win for the company, for him personally, and for our customers.”

Larry earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. Upon graduation, he quickly rose to the HVAC industry leadership roles at several organizations before joining the CAPS team in 2001. During Larry’s time at CAPS, he has served as an ASHRAE life member and holds the CAPS HVAC contractor licenses for the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Novak’s transition into semi-retirement provides strategic value for the company and its customers. Serving the company in this new role allows Larry to continue contributing to the innovation and experience of the Engineering team and to continue providing significant value to the entire organization.

“While we will miss having Larry onsite in a full-time capacity, we are excited to be able to engage in this new professional arrangement that provides so much value to all,” concluded Norris.

About Custom Air Products & Services

Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. is a full-service HVAC company that specializes in the design, construction, installation, modification, and servicing of industrial and commercial air conditioning equipment. CAPS employees are committed to providing exceptional custom design and quality workmanship at competitive prices.

Custom Air Products & Services currently occupies five (6) modern facilities, totaling 300,000 square feet in size. These buildings include administrative and engineering offices, training facilities, a filter warehouse, and service shops for fabrication, manufacturing, and modifications. CAPS services are provided to customers throughout the United States and Mexico while their manufactured products have been delivered to sites around the world. Currently, CAPS has equipment operating on six (6) continents and in 52 countries.

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