25 Ton Unit Non-XP / NEMA 4

Unit Performance / Data

25 Ton Package Unit NON-XP / NEMA 4


Manufacturer Custom Air Products & Services, Inc.
Unit Model Number PPKH-25TD-0NN72KE-5E5-P2-G2CEUP
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Duct Connections 2×20″ Supply Air & 2×20″ Return Air


Single Point Power Supply 460V / 3PH / 60HZ
Connections 4 Cam-Lok connectors
Cooling MCA 72
Cooling MOCP 100
Heating MCA 118
Heating MOCP 125
Dehumidification MCA 170
Dehumidification MOCP 200


Length (base) 154″ (12’10”)
Width 101 1/2″ (8’5.5″)
Height 64 1/2″ (5’4.5″)
Unit Weight 4,600 lbs.

Fan Performance

10000 2.7 15


72 2 480/3/60


(12) 12″ x 24″ x 2″ 30% Pleated

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Unit Drawings / Photos

Plan View with Dimensional Data

Plan View with Dimensional Data

Corner View with Duct Connections and Service Access Panels

Corner View with Duct Connections and Service Access Panels

Front View Two Supply & Two Return Air

Front View; Two Supply & Two Return Air


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Product Data

Air Conditioning Unit Features

  •   Dual stage of refrigeration capacity control
  •   72 kW electric heating elements
  •   10,000 CFM fan rated at 2.7 TSP
  •   Direct drive condenser fans
  •   Environmentally safe 410A refrigerant
  •   Resin condensate pan
  •   Single condensate connections (size 3/4″FPT)
  •   Easy access panels for efficient serviceability
  •   Isolated high / low voltage control panels
  •   Heavy duty skid, forklift slots, tie-downs with coated lifting / stacking cage
  •   Rugged design built for rental duty
  •   Corrosion resistant condenser coil guards
  •   Two 20″outlet & Two 20″inlet air duct connections
  •   Unit mounted thermostat
  •   DH override switch
  •   Hot gas bypass

Air Conditioning Unit Functions

  •   General purpose electrical classification
  •   Cooling, Heating and Dehumidification Operation
  •   Dual point 460V / 3PH / 60HZ power application power connection utilizing four Cam-Lock power cables
  •   Panel mounted high voltage disconnect
  •   Main power on indicator light (green)
  •   Phase monitor and phase fail indicator light (red)
  •   Master On / Off switch
  •   Low ambient fan cycling control
  •   High and low pressure safety switches

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Cooling Performance

Total capacity 317.0 MBH
Sensible capacity 230.4 MBH
Refrigerant type R-410A
Efficiency (at ARI) 10.00 EER
Integrated eff. (at ARI) 10.500 IEER
Ambient DB temp. 95.0°F
Entering DB temp. 80.0°F
Entering WB temp. 67.0°F
Leaving DB temp. 58.7°F
Leaving WB temp. 56.9°F
Power input (w/o blower) 24.72 kW
Sound power 92 dB(A)

Heating Performance

Entering DB temp. 60.0°F
Heating output capacity (Max) 184.1 MBH
Nominal electric heat 54.0 kW
Applied electric heat 54.0 kW
Installed Field
Supply air 10000 CFM
Leaving DB temp. 77.0°F
Air temp. rise 17.0°F
Stages 2

Supply Air Blower Performance

Supply air 10000 CFM
Ext. static pressure 2.0 IWG
Addl. Unit Losses (Options/Accessories) 0.45 IWG
Blower speed 1249 RPM
Max BHP of Motor (including service factor) 17.25 HP
Duct location Side
Motor rating 15.00 HP
Actual required BHP 12.82 HP
Power input 10.51 kW
Elevation 0 ft.
Drive type BELT

Equipment specifications are based manufactures published data; capacity may vary based upon field conditions

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