Memorial Hermann Hospital Purchases Portable HVAC Unit for Emergencies

Custom Air Products & Services Help Customers Prepare For Hurricane Season with Portable HVAC Cooling Units

Memorial Hermann Hospital Purchases Portable HVAC Unit for Emergencies

One only has to remember the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Allison to realize the necessity of
having portable HVAC cooling units readily available after a hurricane or tropical storm. After Allison,
large portable air conditioning units and generators were crucial not only in proving a needed
“creature comfort” for affected victims but also to remove moisture from damaged buildings to prevent
the growth of mold and mildew. To prepare for any future hurricane, tropical storm or other emergency,
Custom Air Products and Services is encouraging businesses to consider purchasing portable HVAC units.

Houston Based Memorial Hermann hospital was forced to shut down for eight days after Tropical Storm Allison.
The experience taught hospital officials the importance of having a portable air conditioning system available
at a moments notice for both on and off site triage. To ensure they are prepared for future hurricanes and
storms, the hospital has turned to the experts at Custom Air Products and Services. We recommended the purchase
of a twenty ton HVAC air conditioning unit and generator that is custom designed and built at our Houston
facility. The system can cool and/or provide power to a 3000 square foot room. But because the system is
portable it can be transported and used at other medical facilities including dialysis centers and outpatient
clinics to name a few. In addition, the system can also be used to cool makeshift and tented emergency rooms
that are created during disasters. The portable HVAC cooling unit and generator will be kept at the hospital
year round in case of power outages, emergencies or storm damage.

In addition to hospitals, Custom Air Products and Services advises industrial and mechanical industries to
purchase portable HVAC cooling units to prepare for the 2008 hurricane season. Because of the high tech
equipment and computers these companies house, having a back up cooling system available after a tropical
storm or hurricane is often essential to maintain the safety and day to day operations of a company. In
addition to providing cool air, a portable HVAC system can be essential in recovery efforts after a storm or
flood by helping to minimize air born diseases and mold and mildew growth.

To be fully prepared for this hurricane season, Custom Air Products and Services recommends that companies
and businesses arrange the purchase or rental of portable generators and HVAC systems ahead of a disaster
rather than after. And don’t forget all portable HVAC cooling units and generators require fuel. So stock
up and have a plan.