by Bea AmayaCAPS Marketing

[frame align=”left”]Service[/frame]This is the time of year at CAPS that we begin putting a real focus on maintenance activities and preventive maintenance contracts for our industrial and commercial customers. When our south Texas warm weather starts moving in, our Service department folks can get really busy as calls for field service often reach the “emergency” level for customers.

Preventive maintenance agreements provide for scheduled inspections and basic maintenance activities on equipment in order to maintain peak efficiency, reduce utility costs, avert system failures, and extend the life of HVAC equipment. As the name implies, “preventive” maintenance is a proactive approach that gives customers the biggest bang for their buck; catching and repairing problems before they occur is always preferable, and less expensive, than waiting until a breakdown occurs.

This week we are preparing to send out our newest batch of mail-outs focusing on reminding customers and potential customers about the benefits of scheduled maintenance. And as a side-benefit both to us and our customers, scheduled activities make us so much more efficient and timely with our responses as well-planned work schedules are preferable to working in emergency response mode any day of the week.