While most everyone in this company enjoys having their feet planted safely on the ground, CAPS’ very own Tony Flores (Fabrication department) prefers to fly high! Flores was one of the two hundred and eighty six tandem skydivers this past Saturday September 27, 2014 who participated in the JUMP! SHOUT! Tandem Skydive at Skydive Spaceland in Rosharon, Texas. These skydivers broke records with the new World Record Attempt of most tandem jumps in 24 hours in one location (with the previous record being 251).

Hundreds suited up from sunrise to sunset for a great cause, raising money for the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation. When a jumper raised $300 their skydive was free and $500 got you a free jump and a video to share with everyone you know.

Above is Tony’s video of what some might think is an insane act of fearlessness, but we see it as a huge act of kindness. Great job Tony!