We really had an incredible time at today’s University of Houston College of Technology Career Fair. Not only did we learn about the activities, studies, and achievements of the students we talked to but we also gained a tremendous amount of respect for the college and the program. This was our first time to participate in this career fair, but it certainly won’t be our last.

[frame align=”center”]UH Career Fair
In many ways our business is a niche business. It’s not like a whole lot of students graduate from universities thinking, “Hey…I think I’d really like to find a good commercial and industrial HVAC company to go to work for now.” Part of our job today was to introduce our company and our industry to these students and give them an idea of the kinds of things they would be working on if they pursued employment with us. On the other side of the coin, we were also trying to discover what kinds of skills, experiences, and capabilities the UH CoT program was providing them with throughout their university experience. The more we interacted with these students, the more we recognized that there are a lot of intersections between what we are looking for and what the program is providing.

Congrats to UH for putting on an excellent job fair but also for preparing College of Technology students to impress potential employers, like us, with these first look interactions. With any luck at all, some of those just might turn in to long-term relationships that we are all proud to talk about.