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Energy efficiency and lowered utility costs are a top priority for all businesses. Well-maintained commercial HVAC systems deliver optimum performance, comfort, and savings as well as benefitting from an extended effective life on the equipment. Custom Air Products & Services offers a variety of solutions to make sure your commercial HVAC investment is fully protected by a service program custom designed to fit your facility needs.

As a leading commercial HVAC manufacturer, installer, and service provider in the Houston area, Custom Air Products & Services works with a wide range of commercial clients. We believe it is our duty to look for ways to help all our clients save money on energy costs in spite of our notably hot Texas summers, nation-wide financial concerns, and rising utility fees. Our range of customized maintenance and service contracts help us help you in designing a program that is just right for your facility needs.

We provide commercial HVAC value in a number of ways:

  • We work closely with clients to develop a structured approach that is tailored for each individual situation. Effective preventive maintenance programs mean no surprises on utility costs or from unexpected equipment breakdowns.
  • Our service result in immediate operating cost savings that in many cases will more than pay for the cost of the service agreement freeing up valuable cash for other needs.
  • By providing a well-designed quality HVAC maintenance plan, we help clients benefit from lower operating costs from energy savings, lower capital costs from longer equipment life, and the ability to accurately forecast unit replacements.

Contact us today to discuss protection of your commercial HVAC investment. A knowledgeable and experienced representative will be happy to contact you and to work with you in developing a plan that meets your facility’s specific needs.

by Robert Lankford, CAPS Sales