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Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. Trains Internal ISO Auditors

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ISO 9001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organizations use the standard to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. CAPS is well on its way to a successful implementation with the completion of a painstaking review of the entire 9001:2015 standard by a core group of CAPS employees. This first stage of implementation was capped off by an internal auditor training class that provided CAPS auditors the techniques and tools, along with the knowledge of the standard that is necessary to support a robust and effective internal auditing program. CAPS’ expectation is to achieve full implementation, and achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification for the CAPS organization by the end of the year, 2017.

Exhibit at Offshore Technology Conference a Success!

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CAPS Exhibit at OTC

CAPS, manufacturer of HVAC and pressurization systems, had the pleasure of attending the Offshore Technology Conference 2016 held in Houston. The exhibition floor was the third largest in history with more than 2,600 exhibitors from 47 different countries.

CAPS showcased many of their innovative products such as the 2 to 40 ton wall-mount air conditioners.  If you missed the conference, be sure to contact us to learn more about our other products such as the 20 to 40 ton high static AC units and the 80 ton industrial high static AC unit. We would love to educate you more about our services.

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A Heartfelt Thank You from CAPS CEOCAPS OTC 1016 6fdda085-1b18-48e0-97b8-0be8530c98de

Dear Friends,

I personally want to thank you for visiting our booth at Offshore Technology Conference 2016/Houston.

Statistics show that this year’s 2016 OTC attendance ranked in the top 15 of the 48 annual events which have been held to-date and attracted some 68,000 attendees from 120 countries.

It’s meeting people like you who make each day a rewarding experience!


James T. Norris

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Please contact CAPS at 713-460-9009 or on our website at Custom Air Products for all of your commercial and industrial HVAC needs.

Custom HVAC Design Process | CAPS

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caps3DprintersCustom HVAC Design Process Streamlined with 3-D Printers


The custom HVAC design process continues to be streamlined at CAPS with the addition of two 3-D printers! The two MakerBot Replicator Z18s were obtained over the last two years in order to stay on the cutting edge of technology in manufacturing and fabrication. CAPS has been putting the two machines to work, experimenting with exactly what they can do, and CAPS has been pleased with the results. Some of the prototyped parts are used to prove fit and function before being fabricated and manufactured in the shop, while others can actually be utilized as manufactured components.

CAPS Manufactures and Fabricates Custom HVACs Efficiently!

caps3DcomputerdraftCAPS3Dselection (1999x1301)






David Potts, Senior Designer & Design Supervisor at CAPS, gave a short tour and demo on how the whole process works. In-house engineers first design and model the component required using field measurements or customer provided specifications. Then that draft is selected by David Potts and monitored as it prints out on one of the 3-D printers. Each 3-D printed part can take from minutes to days to print dependent upon the part size, complexity and resolution required. CAPS3Dpause

During the printing process, the operation can be paused at any point and the mini-model can be removed from the printer and visually inspected. After inspection it can be placed back in position and the printing process can continue.


What is phenomenal about it, and extremely environmentally-friendly, is a 1.75 MM plastic filament called Polylactic Acid or PLA. PLA is a biodegradable thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources such as corn or sugarcane. In following with CAPS’ eye towards the future, they have also invested in equipment to take any failed prints, scraps and prototypes that are no longer needed and recycle them into new filament to be used on other prints. David Potts is especially pleased that there almost zero waste from the entire process! It’s an efficient process and truly encompasses what CAPS is all about.

3-D Mini Model to Actual Product!

CAPS3Dminimodel (1999x1499)










The custom HVAC design process continues to be streamlined at CAPS! Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. is a full-service HVAC company that specializes in the design, construction, installation, modification, and servicing of industrial and commercial air conditioning equipment. Contact us online or 713-460-9009 for all of your custom HVAC needs!

Custom HVAC air handling systems | CAPS

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Custom HVAC air handling systems has been CAPS’ specialty for almost 20 years. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Houston, TX, but we provide air handling system products and services all over the world. CAPS understands the importance of custom air handling systems and how integral they are to commercial and industrial businesses on a global scale.

Why are custom HVAC air handling systems so important?

According to CSE (Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine):

Custom air handling units are available in nearly any configuration that a user might require. They generally have the highest quality construction and are most commonly used in institutional or industrial applications where high flow rates, very close control, and harsh conditions exist. They may also be applied in irregular spaces that would not conform to a modular line. Custom units can be configured to include virtually any combination of air processing components. They also can include walkways and service areas within them and can even accommodate space for skid-mounted equipment like pumps or heat exchangers. They are the most costly of all of the types of units discussed, but can be expected to have the longest lifespan.

By customizing your HVAC air handling system, CAPS can configure the equipment exactly to your unique specifications and constraints.

CAPS is passionate about manufacturing your commercial and industrial custom HVAC air handling system.

We enjoy providing solutions that work best for you. We specialize in the fabrication and manufacturing of customized HVAC units, portable air handlers, explosion proof HVAC units, commercial and industrial HVAC units, industrial heaters, custom marine and boat air units, modular air handlers, oil rig handlers, offshore HVAC units, air coolers, and wall mounted air conditioners.

We are eager to put our expertise to work for you! For more information regarding custom HVAC air handling systems, please call CAPS at 713-460-9009 or contact CAPS at

Family-Friendly Employment | CAPS

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Family-Friendly Employment
upclose caps flags

In 2012, CAPS received the prestigious recognition of being one of the top 150 places to work in the Houston, TX area. Since its founding, CAPS’ goal has always been to treat our customers with honesty and integrity through our top notch service. We’re also committed, however, to being family-friendly toward our hardworking employees. Taylor Norris, CEO of CAPS, recently stated:

“Although most companies have been adversely affected by the recession, CAPS is very fortunate that, in 12 years, we’ve   not had a reduction in forces or layoffs.  Our goal is to keep it that way.  In fact, as we’ve continued to grow steadily throughout the years, we’ve always remained committed to providing our employees with competitive salaries and on going training as well as excellent retirement and benefit plan options. It’s our way of saying thank you for a job well done.”


Commercial & Industrial HVAC Training

CAPS thoroughly trains our employees, not only on the latest products and systems that we offer, but also on older models. Our customers can be assured our employees understand exactly what their commercial and industrial HVAC units need in order to run smoothly regardless of the age or model of the system. We also require that our employees keep their skills up to date with ongoing training. This benefits not only our employees, but our customers as well.

24 Hour Commercial & Industrial HVAC Service

CAPS normal office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, but CAPS also readily offers 24 hour commercial and industrial HVAC service to our customers 365 days a year. We take a hard and fast approach to any emergencies that may pop up–we want our customers happy with their HVAC units at all times! Call us at 713-460-9009 for 24/7 emergency service. To support this vital service, we keep our company optimally staffed, trained, and ready to go.

Current Job Openings

Please contact CAPS today for family-friendly employment, one that offers competitive salaries, ongoing training as well as an excellent benefits package. Please check out our current openings at:

Happy Holidays from Custom Air Products & Services, Inc.

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Over 200 employees and 100 vendors and customers were guests at the CAPS 2015 holiday luncheon.

Taylor Norris, CEO of Custom Air Products & Services, thanked employees and loyal customers for their hard work, dedication and partnership through the years.

The most touching part of the celebration was a beautifully decorated Christmas sled, overflowing with gifts donated by employees and customers for B.I.G. Love Cancer Care – B.I.G. Love Cancer Care fulfills weekly wishes of cancer children and their families and provides toys for approximately 600 cancer kids each month.

Custom Air Products & Services, Inc.
35 Southbelt Industrial Dr.
Houston, TX 77047
Phone: 713-460-9009

Custom HVAC 2015 Holiday Lunch | CAPS

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Custom HVAC 2015 Holiday Lunch

CAPS, a full-service Custom HVAC company in Houston, TX, threw a fabulous 2015 Holiday luncheon for their employees, vendors, and customers on Thursday, December 10th. Snow was literally falling (in 80 degree Houston weather!) as employees, vendors, and customers walked the red carpet, past three of CAPS’ featured products, into building D. The usual warehouse was transformed into a glittering winter wonderland! The celebration included a delicious meal, entertainment, photos in a gigantic snow globe, and a raffle giveaway of prizes including TVs, tools, and everything in between. A beautiful dessert display featuring an ice sculpture of the CAPS’ logo set the festive atmosphere in motion.

The most touching part of the celeCAPStoys smallbration, however, was a beautifully decorated Christmas sled, overflowing with gifts donated by the employees of CAPS, as well as their customers and vendors, for B.I.G. Love Cancer Care ( The first annual toy drive, initiated by CAPS, will provide toys to children who are encouraged to choose a special surprise from the B.I.G. Love Toy Closet after visiting Texas Children’s Hospital. Heartfelt thanks to CAPS and their employees, customers and vendors for their generosity. The mountain of toys, which continued to grow throughout the event, will certainly bring smiles to the faces of a lot of children and their families this holiday season. Thanks so much to everyone who made a donation!

CAPS Thanked Employees, Vendors, and Customers

Over 200 employees and 100 vendors and customers were guests at the 2015 Holiday luncheon. Taylor Norris, CEO of CAPS, thanked everyone for attending, and for their partnership, hard work and dedication throughout the years. CAPS, a full-service manufacturing, installation and service HVAC company which operates on almost every continent could not have grown without continued support, which is very much appreciated.

CAPS3-Dmodels smallCustom Commercial and Industrial HVAC Units

CAPS also had a table highlighting their latest 3-D mini-models of their custom commercial and industrial HVAC units and parts, including a 5 Ton Cabinet Cooler, a Controller Support, a 500 Ton Rental Chiller, 2 Finger Safe Covers, and a 15 Ton Wall Mount. In addition, the 2 in-house 3-D printers CAPS purchased approximately a year ago have helped them to create an even more streamlined custom HVAC manufacturing process. With this new technology, CAPS is able to perform testing on their custom HVAC units in a faster, more efficient manner than ever before.

Thanks to all who attended the CAPS 2015 Holiday luncheon! The continued growth that CAPS has experienced, year after year, is a direct result of YOUR hard work, dedication and support. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Please contact CAPS at 713-460-9009 or on our website at for all of your commercial and industrial HVAC needs.

Houston HVAC service | CAPS

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Has your HVAC unit been serviced for winter?

Has your HVAC unit been serviced for winter? Now that the Houston weather is cooling off, it’s the perfect time to have your industrial or commercial HVAC system serviced. Custom Air Products & Services, Inc (CAPS) is readily at your service to perform the thorough checks and maintenance that your system needs to run optimally this winter.

While we aim to service your system in the preventative stage, we also perform complete repairs and/or replacements as needed. CAPS has expertise with a broad range of products, so your commercial or industrial establishment will be outfitted with the HVAC equipment that matches your needs precisely.

Also, if your company needs to be outfitted with a completely new HVAC system or if you are a brand new business and in the design stages, CAPS will enthusiastically and confidently handle all of your commercial and industrial HVAC needs with experience garnered over almost 20 years in the business.

Commercial HVAC Equipment

Commercial HVAC Equipment for churches to high rises to grocery stores and more is our specialty. With all of the holidays coming up, it’s imperative to have your HVAC serviced so you can ensure a comfortable temperature for all of your parishioners, employees, and customers. No one wants to be singing “Oh, Holy Night” while freezing to death.

Industrial HVAC Equipment

Industrial HVAC Equipment for refineries, plants, and labs is also part of our repertoire. Often, we run into projects that have never been done before and we enjoy coming up with solutions to meet your needs! Now is the perfect time to jump start any project you need before 2016 is here.

For more information regarding servicing your HVAC unit for the winter or any of our other commercial and industrial HVAC services, please call CAPS at 713-460-9009 or contact CAPS at

Scheduled Maintenance

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by Bea AmayaCAPS Marketing


This is the time of year at CAPS that we begin putting a real focus on maintenance activities and preventive maintenance contracts for our industrial and commercial customers. When our south Texas warm weather starts moving in, our Service department folks can get really busy as calls for field service often reach the “emergency” level for customers.

Preventive maintenance agreements provide for scheduled inspections and basic maintenance activities on equipment in order to maintain peak efficiency, reduce utility costs, avert system failures, and extend the life of HVAC equipment. As the name implies, “preventive” maintenance is a proactive approach that gives customers the biggest bang for their buck; catching and repairing problems before they occur is always preferable, and less expensive, than waiting until a breakdown occurs.

This week we are preparing to send out our newest batch of mail-outs focusing on reminding customers and potential customers about the benefits of scheduled maintenance. And as a side-benefit both to us and our customers, scheduled activities make us so much more efficient and timely with our responses as well-planned work schedules are preferable to working in emergency response mode any day of the week.

CAPS Team at AHR Expo

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Emerson party at Cowboy Stadium was a blast! Pictures were taken, food and drink were consumed, footballs were thrown, kicked, and caught on the field, and a great time was had by all. Big thanks to Emerson for a great kick-off to tomorrow’s AHR Expo!